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5 Ways to AVOID Craving for Junk Food

Around the merry holidays, I often eat more (do you find yourself doing the same thing too?). But often more of junk food like cookies, donuts, candies, popcorn, truffles, etc. Not because I want to, but it just happens…seriously…unconsciously. One … Continue reading

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Happy National French Toast Day!

Today is Hump Day, as well as National French Toast Day. November 28 is National French Toast Day! Do I hear a “neh” to French toast?! No way! You got to be kidding. French toast is like the best thing … Continue reading

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Tartlette Au Citron (Lemon Tartlette)

I am recovering from a “long” weekend of stuffing my face. Yes, seriously! 4 days of consecutively eating, with friends, with family, and with visitors. You are probably wonder what I had. Here you go. 1 turkey, 1 turducken, lamb … Continue reading

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Longan Red Date Ginger Tea: Cold Remedy Tea and Come in Handy for Black Friday Shopping

Are you contemplating to fight the crowds for a little taste of Black Friday? It’s Thanksgiving tradition. Why not?! You will be ready for the challenge with this homemade remedy tea that sure will keep you hydrated, warm, and focus … Continue reading

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Feeling Gratitude

Thanksgiving It’s a time to be grateful. It’s a time to be cherish. It’s a time to be giving. Give thanks to parents who spent their lifetime nurture you. Give thanks to siblings who play tea and Barbie, pick fights, … Continue reading

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Omurice, 蛋包飯 or Japanese Omelette

Just two more days till Thanksgiving! Are you excited? Do you know what feast you will be cookin’? I was cleaning all day yesterday to make the house presentable for Thanksgiving in case any friend comes visit. From laundry to … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

Hello everyone! Happy Friday. It’s drizzling outside. Come inside to join me for a cup of hot tea. And how about a Cup O Noodle for lunch.

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I Want to Crash The NotWedding

Have you seen Wedding Crashers? Yes, it’s about wedding crashing (really). Have you ever thought or wish to crash a wedding, at least once? Guilty as charge, I have and not just once, but many many time. What’s there not … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday and I Eat Too Much

This post should say “It WAS My Birthday” because my actual birthday was couple day ago. But with the amount of delicious food I have indulged over the last few day that are still in digestion, the celebration does not … Continue reading

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The Pittsburger

W has been endlessly mentioning The Pittsburger here and there ever since that one morning he saw it on Rachel Ray Show while working from home. What’s a Pittsburger? Simple. Take two toasted slices of Italian bread. Top with a … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash Risotto with Lobster

During my sick days, I was craving craving craving for hearty comfort food. While others might crave for chicken noodle soup, I wanted food with powerful flavor, dense texture, and sweet lobster. What a woman wants is what a woman … Continue reading

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Fresh Coconut Panna Cotta in a Shell

I apologize for being away from my blog in a while. Although it might have been a week, but sure felt like forever. My body lost a fight to the unpredictable hot and cold weather, which put me in bed … Continue reading

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Italian Sausage and Feta Star Pies

Cooking is fun! But cooking for a man is tough. Cooking for a man who you love is even tougher. With a heart that wants to feed him the most tasteful thing in the world. But besides the things they … Continue reading

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