I Want to Crash The NotWedding

Have you seen Wedding Crashers? Yes, it’s about wedding crashing (really). Have you ever thought or wish to crash a wedding, at least once?

Guilty as charge, I have and not just once, but many many time. What’s there not to like about crashing a wedding? Not knowing anyone is the best part. You drink, eat and enjoy dessert and leave. Or stay for the speeches, shed some tears with the bride, and dance the night away. It’s full of wedding excitement. There’s a catch – risking to get thrown out if you get caught. It’s embarrassing but then again, no one knows you so it might not be so embarrassing after all.

The NotWedding, though, could be the alternative wedding crashing party. You might ask, what is The NotWedding? It’s a bridal show with a twist. Literally, it’s a real-FAKE wedding complete with a sit-down dinner, an emotional ceremony and a dance-party reception. You, the wedding guest, get to hear the music, taste the cakes, and touch the linens. Bride and groom do their first dance. Photographers running around taking pictures. Best of all, the decors are deck out. And it’s LEGIT (given that you pay for the admission fee which is very comparable to a dinner at a restaurant).

One question though. How do they pick the bride and groom? Are they real couples? Volunteers? Or by audition? Will they hire Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling? I will be the first to sign up for the bride.

Now I just need to get W to agree to go with me. And then tell my friends “We are flying to LA to crash a wedding. Pack your bags!”

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12 Responses to I Want to Crash The NotWedding

  1. Leah says:

    What?! This is crazy but sounds like so much fun! I’m definitely guilty of wedding crashing before and it was a blast 😉

  2. what a totally cool idea! never been to a fake wedding before but it must be as much fun without any runaway brides!!

  3. Best part is the boxed wine. Nothing fake about that! Next on my to review list.

  4. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com says:

    Absolutely lovely.The whole thing.Jalal

  5. sameerc19 says:

    Splendid.. you are so funny,,

  6. kristakeenan says:

    I’ve been to something similar in Philly- Tony & Tina’s Wedding- it’s an interactive play where you are the wedding guests & there’s a meal. It’s been a while, but I do remember laughing a lot. Very fun!

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