5 Ways to AVOID Craving for Junk Food

Around the merry holidays, I often eat more (do you find yourself doing the same thing too?). But often more of junk food like cookies, donuts, candies, popcorn, truffles, etc. Not because I want to, but it just happens…seriously…unconsciously.

One of the main reasons is that my body needs the fuel to keep warm from the coldness of the weather. Then come the holiday parties – with company, friends and/or families. Most likely, a few friends will come to towns for visits and I will end up eating out a lot. Ultimately, it comes down to accessibility. Laying around home and office are gift baskets from friends, baked goods from families, tins of popcorn from coworkers, boxes of chocolates from clients. It’s right there, calling for my name.

So what MUST I do to avoid reaching for them? 5 Ways that work for me and might work for you too.

1. Reinforce, repeat, and remind oneself:

2. Sweat it: go for a run, take a long stroll around the neighbor, cycle to a destination, re-energize with a yoga session, throw some balls with the little ones, put up the Christmas lights and shower the house with Christmas decor. Whatever it is, get a good sweat. Those cookies won’t crawl into my guilt much longer.

3. Out of sight, out of Mind: give it away, tug it away, throw it away, or rebox it if necessary. Just do it so it is out of vision.

4. Be generous: share…share…share. Holiday is all about sharing. Sharing is a sign of showing love and caring. Why not? It also cuts portion in half to avoid over eating. Hahaha…kill two birds with one stone. Way to go!

5. H20 to the Rescue: this rule should applies to 365 days. Water keeps me feeling full. Or tea works too (for me). Keep a bottle near by desk. Bring a bottle during shopping. Put a bottle in car. Just don’t leave the house without one. Don’t forget to refill it.

This year gives yourself the best Christmas present yet…your Health.

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5 Responses to 5 Ways to AVOID Craving for Junk Food

  1. sonyablue says:

    I’m so lucky I found your post. I just started my own blog and its about losing weight and starting to really think healthier. I agree with you all of those five things. Others are easier said than done, but yeah, these are the things I should do too. Last one, drinking water, it really helps. And it’s good to drink water for many variety reasons that I won’t list hear.
    Have great time to wait holidays =), with love SonyaBlue

  2. edgeledge says:

    I gave up sweets and junk food in March, hope I can get through December intact…

  3. Great Post Irene. Your post is a motivation for all those who want to avoid sweets and junk foods but they find it difficult to. I loved all the 5 points that you mentioned. It is rightly said that “You Are What You Eat” People prefer these foods to reduce their hunger as they are easy to obtain and there is less wastage of time but what they don’t realize is that these foods will eventually harm their health. Thanks for the post Irene. Keep up the good work.

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