Sunday Tea and Unwind

The weekend is packed with actions, from eating to baking (lots and lots of baking which I will post later).

There’s nothing better to do on this Sunday late afternoon other than unwind and relax over a cup of Vietnamese coffee and some light snack.

Sunday Tea Snack-14
Sunday Tea Snack-12
Sunday Tea Snack-4
Sunday Tea Snack-9
Sunday Tea Snack-1

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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5 Responses to Sunday Tea and Unwind

  1. gotasté says:

    I love I love I love the color combination of these set of photos. In-fact it is truly the art direction that you have decided to take. I believe that’s the lefty thingy. You can’t hide it. 🙂

    • Irene says:

      hahaha…that’s funny. You might be right. Cooking and photography might be the lefty thingy that’s trying to get out after all these years of hiding it. I could tell you, I have never done much in the creative side of thing after I got shoot down that it doesn’t bring you anywhere.

  2. gotasté says:

    Just to share that my dad used to tell me that when I was younger but I believe every trade has a future. I know deep down I can’t be a doctor or lawyer which is what most parents over here hope their kid would be. I guess my choice isn’t that bad after-all.

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