24-Hour Buffet Challenge

I miss everyone. So much. It was hard to be away from you and posting. Now, I am back! Recovering from indulging way too hard in Vegas. Still.

For the past consecutive five years, I came to Vegas for the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) convention. What I enjoyed most was eating well and extravagantly on company expense.

This Vegas trip was a bit different. It was a family vacation on a budget. However, eating well on a budget is not hard when you are in Vegas and they got the Buffet of Buffets deal.

You wonder, what’s the Buffet of Buffets? It’s simply an 24 hour open entry pass to 6 buffets (Ceasar Palace, Rio, Harrah’s, Paris, Flamingo, and Planet Hollywood) to indulge as much as you like, anywhere, anytime.

So in 24 hours…

We were committed to getting our dinner, midnight snack, breakfast, lunch, late afternoon snack, pre-dinner, and dinner again. Well, that was the original plan when we first heard about this deal but here’s what really happened…

7:22pm dinner – Rio’s Carnival World Buffet. This is one of the best buffets in Vegas. It’s HUGE. It’s option after option. The seafood was fresh and loaded. Their dessert selection was endless. A friendly chatty gentleman kept the ice cream line going. I wish I had the stomach for each flavor. I think the huge selection just really impressed me! (Retail value – $32.99)

Rio Carnival Buffet_2
Rio Carnival Buffet_1
Rio Carnival Buffet_3
Rio Carnival Buffet_49:00am breakfast – Paris Le Village Buffet. Such a darling place to dine at. Crepes and omelets are made fresh when order. Egg white with bacon casserole was excellent. I was still sleepy. I was still full. I couldn’t eat much beside a crepe with nutella and some fruits. (Retail value -$20.99)

paris le village buffet1:00pm lunch – Planet Hollywood The Spice Market Buffet. All the contestants of 2012 Miss Universe dine here. I was mesmerized by their beauties so I forgot to take a shot of them and with them. Anyway, they have an amazing desert spread of cupcakes. The food was not too shabby, especially the salad and fruit bars. (Retail value – $29.99)

spice market buffet_1
spice market buffet_26:45pm dinner – Rio’s Carnival World Buffet. We wanted to try Ceasar Palace’s Bacchannal Buffet (the newest and highly rated buffet in town this year) but were still too full and to pay an upgrade of $15,  no way. We were full from lunch but forced ourselves to sit and eat more crab and nibbled on everything else. Since this was our last buffet stop, I made sure I enjoyed as much crab as I could squeeze into my already bloated belly.

rio crab buffet

Do you think I had enough to eat? Yes

Did I get my money’s worth? Oh, you bet.

Would I do this again? N.O…NO!

We planned our entire day around making it to these buffets and it added in some unnecessary stress. I did it, I loved it, I won’t be doing it again. It sure was one of the toughest 24 hours of my life.

But for those of you who love to eat buffets, then this is seriously the best deal in town. Dive in it!

Cost savings analysis!
Paid $44.99
Retail value $32.99 + $20.99 + $29.99 + $32.99 = $116.96
SAVINGS!!!! $71.97 per person

It sure will help to walk it off after dinner. Sit back and enjoy a water show at the Bellagio (click on the image).


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12 Responses to 24-Hour Buffet Challenge

  1. princeecz says:

    nice post… keep blogging… 🙂

  2. gotasté says:

    welcome back Irene. oh mine…thats a lot of food. i am already full just by looking at your pictures. the amount can probably last me for 3 days. glad you’ve enjoyed your trip.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Stranger! I don’t think I will have another buffet for a very very very long while. The thought of buffet makes my stomach bloated right now 🙂

      Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Singapore should be fun during this time of the year, is it?

      • gotasté says:

        People take this chance to fill up the main shopping street of “orchard road” and set up cheap parties everywhere. Sad to say but you may not find the real spirit of Christmas over here.

        I prefer to stay in and cook for my mum and wife during Christmas eve. My mum is a great cook so I’m a bit stress. haha!

  3. shiroknowes says:

    No this can’t be real, I love these food !

  4. Irene!

    That’s a CRAZY amount of food. I can’t stomach 1 buffet per month, let alone 6 in a DAY!
    Congratulations on finishing your toughest 24 hours – at least it was a nice problem to have!!

    Completely crazy still…but totally wacky and ingenious idea!

    happy weekend dear!

    • Irene says:


      You are always able to turn a negative situation with your positive words. It sure is a nice problem to have, take in consideration of how many people in the world are starving, even not a piece of bread. I do hope these buffets donate their leftovers to charity and homeless so they could be full and happy during this holiday.

      Have a wonderful one!


  5. Nice article, all the food looks so delicious I love buffets. Thanks for posting.

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