Meet Rino

One of my girlfriends showed me this video which “reminded her of me…one day.” I couldn’t believe I spent 10 minutes watching a little girl…eats.

Meet Rino, the most adorable girl who really loves food, and ecstatically devour it with total delight.

Rino is a Japanese girl whose mom cooks dishes from all over the world and video record her daughter eats them for the first time. (It would make such darling childhood memory, don’t you think?)

Beyond a cute little girl making funny faces and noises about her food, note that Rino eats everything. LITERALLY.  Well, maybe not, but Rino is not a picky eater…that’s fair to say. And what I see these days, from my little cousins and friends’ kids, the parents struggle to get any type of food in their mouth. The same goes to some adults. I know of people who would only eat pasta and fried rice or seafood.

Is this a cultural problem?

As a parent, what do you do to train them not to be picky on food? This reminds me of a book calls French Kids Eat Everything, which I have yet to read and must to read before I have kids of my own.

Here is a little Japanese girl slurping shrimp and devouring lettuce as they are like French fries.

See all 19 videos in series here.

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4 Responses to Meet Rino

  1. enjoywithjoy says:

    Wow…a foodie child:-) When both of my sons saw it they said “just like Kung Fu Panda” …lol! My kids are not that picky eaters but Rino is amazing.

  2. irena078 says:

    She is adorable little girl!
    As first – good topic! Me: it is parents responsibility what would their kids eat or not. Where parents habit is TV&Mac the kids do the same. Where parents exercise&eat healthy food, kids do the same. Saw too many times so far. Although I am vegetarian I will give to my kids (when I’ll get them) a meat to eat.
    Btw I should start with Asian food – looks way healthier 🙂

  3. disashisoul says:

    haha So adorable! And I agree with irena078, I think kids generally learn their eating habits from their parents. And from what I’ve observed, earlier eating habits are the ones that form the strongest so I think parents can best help their kids by offering them a large variety of healthy foods sooner in their lives rather than later. This is a great post and thank you for sharing!

  4. laurasmess says:

    Thanks for sharing these videos! Haha, I just wasted half an hour watching videos in a language that I don’t understand! I also agree with the above readers… my mother fed me all sorts of things when I was a child; lots of vegetables and fruits, different cuisines, different textures. There’s nothing I don’t eat now and I believe that both my health and enjoyment of life have been enriched greatly! I hope I can pass on the value of good nutrition, cooking skills and an educated palate to my own children. Thanks again for the post!

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