Welcoming Snake Year’s Eve

Last Saturday, Feb. 9, my family and I gathered to welcome lunar new year, the year of snake (a zodiac of both my dad and hubby) which is extra special. The eve of Chinese New Year is all about family gathering and feasting on a table of delicious food like Thanksgiving in America (dishes vary from region to region in China). Then, during midnight, people would go to the temple to worship, pray, and ask about their fortunes.

A few years ago, I went during midnight to the temple nearby my parent’s house, not knowing it would be packed with people (like Black Friday). It was impossible to move around, at the same time, trying to avoid getting burn from the incense in people’s hands. It was impossible to see where the statues were. It was impossible to find a spot to stick in incense without getting burn. Gladly, I came out in one piece but my shirt wasn’t as fortunate as it had 3 burned holes.

Ever since, I decided to go on the new year’s eve. It was much more peaceful. And I had Buddha’s full attention for a 1-on-1 talk.

2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Ev
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve

Kumquat plant from my garden which I had since last summer. Abundance of kumquat is a fortunate sign in Chinese culture.

2013 Chinese New Year Eve

Every year, including this, my dad made a big pot of delicate “buddha jump wall” (a literal translation of the dish’s name…hahaha). The dish has abalone, shark fin, sea cucumber, fish stomach, and mushroom. My dad put in numerous hours of hard work into making it. In our family, only he knows how to prepare abalone and shark fin. So we leave the soup up to him as well. He makes the best shark fin and crab soup! These two dishes were the highlight of the eve’s dinner. And only Chinese from Canton province would have these dishes.

2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve

Chicken, fish, and vegetables are the norm which most Chinese families would have.

2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve
2013 Chinese New Year Eve

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Wish everyone a prosperous and healthy snake year!

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10 Responses to Welcoming Snake Year’s Eve

  1. Psalm says:

    Happy Chinese New Year Irene 🙂

  2. Beautiful post, such gorgeous colours. Happy New Year!

  3. Reblogged this on mykeilangelica and commented:
    2013 – THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE !!!

  4. These photos are just precious and really captivating. You should make a photo gallery out of them for your home!!

  5. Vinny Grette says:

    Beautiful pics! Glad you had one of the incense as it brought the text to life. Happy New Year!

  6. soonie2 says:

    Amazing photos! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Kozo says:

    Wow, the fish looks delicious. Looks like the Year of the Snake is going to be a wonderful year for you, Irene.

  8. Melanie says:

    Oh my goodness, all of your photos are simply gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  9. homeyeats says:

    Your dad is amazing. Hope you left the tail and head of the fish. Soup was my favorite! Hope your Paris planning is going well.

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