Romantic Valentine

My very first Polyvore style board so happen to be a romantic valentine outfit. I don’t know when that I start to fall in love with pink and glittery things. But putting on some pink and glittery thing makes even the non-girliest girl (like me) the most adoring princess, so feminine and cute. And just for one day, this Valentine’s, I want to be my hubby’s princess.

Romantic Valentine

Forever new
$105 –

Forever new
$62 –

Carolee bangle bracelet

Essie nail polish
$16 –

What would you be wearing on Valentine’s Day?

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10 Responses to Romantic Valentine

  1. gorgeousmaie says:

    Reblogged this on gorgeousmaie and commented:
    soft and feminine..choosing the same color for this year valentine 🙂 (optional)

  2. IRENA & dots says:

    Beautiful dress, love it!!
    (jp I am dress geek 😉

  3. soonie2 says:

    Nice work! So delicate and feminine.

  4. Tell me, Irene, do you never sleep ? 😉 You are very productive… 😛

    Cheers and thanks for your creativity…

    • Irene says:

      Yes! I love sleep! I am actually not as productive as I want to. Wish time would stop so I could do all the things I want 🙂

      Hope you had a great V-Day. Take care, buddy!

      • Yes I know this problem, too… 😛 There are not enough hours a day to do all I’d like to do, but sleeping is important in order to fill up our “battery” which allows us to go on the next day 😉

        My suggestion : let’s create a “14 days week” and a “28 hours day”..! 😉

        Cheers from Geneva, Romano

        Take care!

        • Irene says:

          Could we? Could we? I would love that to happen. Maybe one day technology will be able to do that…like freeze time 🙂

          Sign off for now…good night!

  5. parth893 says:

    Beautiful Combo ❤ .

  6. Ralph says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Irene 😀

  7. That is my FAVORITE essie nail polish! Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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