A Morning Delight: Fig Goat Toastini

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Out of the ordinary, I slept for only 6.5 hours (2 hours less than I normally do) and still woke up feeling energetic and happy.

It was 7am. Birds were chirping. The air was freshly crisp. My garden of flowers were beautifully smiling. The sky was cloudless blue I noticed as I stood at the patio to stretch my tight body.

I fixed hubby and myself some fig goat cheese toastinis for a delightful breakfast as the sun warmed up our living room.

Fig Goat Toastini
Fig Goat Toastini
Fig Goat Toastini

They are my favorite go-to breakfast. Spread some goat cheese then fig jam on a piece of toasted bread. Top it with some dried figs or roasted honey pecans. You could also combined the goat cheese and fig jam together and use it as a spread. Either way, it’s a superb delicacy. Simple and elegant toastinis ready in less than 10 minutes.

Fig Goat Toastini
Fig Goat Toastini
Fig Goat Toastini
Fig Goat Toastini

As well, I am enjoying some of these goodies for a snack as I am typing up this post with my cup of tea.

Have a beautiful day!

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15 Responses to A Morning Delight: Fig Goat Toastini

  1. ks3nia says:

    Oh, that looks so good 😀 and not too difficult to make either.. thanks for the idea!

    • Irene says:

      Yes! It’s all about easiness and quickness. We often rush to chow down our breakfast in the morning but this will leave one a moment of me time before the craziness day kick starts. Cheers, Ksenia!

  2. These are always presented so beautifully. Between that smile and this food, I can see a movie idea developing. 🙂

  3. OMG it looks so yummy…

  4. Audrey Chy says:

    I love your food pictures! Looks super delicious!

  5. The closest I have come to figs was my mother as I was growing up made Fig Bars with oatmeal topping. You always have something amazing to show us. Have a great weekend.

    • Irene says:

      The Newton Fig Bars were the good old days. I didn’t learn that fig is a fruit until 15 years ago when we moved to a new house, our neighbor had a fig tree and my mom would pick and eat them every so often. I sometimes don’t like the texture of the red figs but the green ones are super sweet and crunchy.

      Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

  6. soulofspice says:

    Figs are my all time favorite fruit hands down. I’ve had them with goat cheese on flat bread at a bar before, lived them & now I can make them thanks to you….charu

  7. gotasté says:

    what a great recipe to start a beautiful day. reading your post always lift my spirit. Thank you my friend.

  8. This is simple, but delicious! TY!

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