3 Minute Waffle Sandwich

3 Minute Waffle Sandwich | A Beautiful Day

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone gobbled, continue to gobble, and/or gobbling a belly of warm fuzzy comforting food.

It is freezing here in California. It’s late in the afternoon and I am still in my sweatpants. Yup, it’s stretchy sweatpants day at home. And stretchy sweatpants at Thanksgiving dinner later tonight. It’s the day where you wear stretchy pants and people look at you with “envy” eyes at dinner because they regret putting on their fancy pantsy. Muahahahahaha…looking good is not on the agenda. EATING.EATING. EATING. is the only agenda I have in mind.

3 Minute Waffle Sandwich | A Beautiful Day

3 Minute Waffle Sandwich | A Beautiful Day

I am thankful for no cooking today. Woohoo!!!!! (popping a bottle of champagne). I am thankful for Walt and Zara, my sweet family who love me unconditionally and make me feel wholesome. I am thankful for amazing friends who have touched my heart and belly (yes, they are great chefs). I am grateful for you and all my readers, who are still sticking around with me. And lastly, I am thankful for these easy breezy stuffed waffles.

3 Minute Waffle Sandwich | A Beautiful Day

It’s a sexy, classy and modern twist to our breakfast toasts in the morning. Goodbye, old boring way. Oh, make it a dessert too. Please! So versatile, all you do is have fun and go wild with toppings.

3 Minute Waffle Sandwich | A Beautiful Day

I made a peanut butter with banana for Walt and me on multi-grain toasts (keeping up with our healthy lifestyle). And for Zara, I spread some Nutella with banana for Zara (no toddler could resist nutella, not even adults). 3 minutes or less, breakfast and/or dessert is served. We were warm and fuzzy in our PJs.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday!

3 Minute (French Toast) Waffle Sandwich

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: > 3 minutes
Serving: 2

1 egg
2 slices of toast
Peanut Butter
Banana, sliced
A waffle maker
Coconut oil, spray

Other Topping Options
Chocolate chips
Almond butter
Any flavor of fruit jam
Any fresh fruits, sliced

Whisk egg in a bowl until light and foamy.

Dip each side of toasts in egg and place on a plate.

Spread peanut butter (desired amount) on one side of one toast. Then, top it with sliced banana. Close it with the other slice of toast.

Plug in waffle maker. Spray with coconut oil. Place the sandwich in the center. Close and press the lid. Wait till green light is on, it’s done!

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2 Responses to 3 Minute Waffle Sandwich

  1. What a great idea! I’m totally going to be trying these out next weekend when my mom comes to town. I have a feeling she’ll love them, especially if nutella is involved.

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