DIY Anti-Acne Mask

As a runner, skin care needs special attention and could be a daunting task during warmer weather condition. That means increased blemishes or acne from sweats, sun-block lotion, UV light (that’s me!), etc., that clog up pores as well as reducing nourishment on facial skin.

Thankfully, an easy facial mask, which I have been using for about a year, is as simple as 123, helps keep the skin looking lovely and silky soft all summer (make that year) long. Even better, its affordability and ingredients are probably already somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

Anti-Acne Mask

As you might already know, honey is the queen of skin care ingredients. It locks moisture inside skin. Its antioxidant properties protect skin against damage from the sun and environments we come in contact with. It fights infection without irritating your skin.

Whereas, cinnamon reduces inflammation, redness, and works to kill acne by drying out the affected area. And lemon exfoliate the affected area while reducing the color of dark spot and scarring.

What you need: 2 tbsp pure honey, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1 wedge of fresh lemon juice

Combine honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice in a small bowl. Warm (microwave or hot water bath) the honey a little, if needed, to help with stirring. Mix until you get a smooth and uniform paste.

Anti-Acne Mask
Anti-Acne Mask
Anti-Acne Mask

Gently massage the paste with your index and middle fingertips on clean face, avoiding the eye area. Make sure to remove any makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc on face before applying.

Leave the mask on for about 15 – 20 minutes. Careful, the mask might drip. Lick it off if it does. It tastes just like lemon honey tea. Then rinse off. Skin immediately feels smooth and radiate after the rinse off.

Anti-Acne Mask

With any leftover, pour into a small container and use it up within a week.

This facial mask is perfect for dealing with acne flare-ups. Use it twice or 3 times a week will be sufficient.

Anti-Acne Mask

Lastly, one lifestyle practice can naturally and proactively hydrate the skin – drink lots of water throughout the day. This goes to everyone.

Have a beautiful day!
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38 Responses to DIY Anti-Acne Mask

  1. Woo! Thanks so much! I am also a runner and have similar skincare needs. Thanks for this DIY mask :)

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    This mask sounds amazing. Your photos are gorgeous too!

    - KW

  3. sugaredpecan says:

    I can’t wait to use this! Thank you!

  4. What a cool beautiful tasting mask!! I’ll definitely try it since its so easy to make!! :)

  5. The mask sounds great and tasty too ;)
    Stunning photos.

  6. petit4chocolatier says:

    The mask is so refreshing! Your photography is amazing!! Love it :)

  7. Ohhh I must try this at the weekend. Beautiful photos by the way. I look forward tofollowing your blog. :)

  8. alphadiorly says:

    i used to make my own yogurt and green tea masks! might have to give this one a try

  9. tokyohamster says:

    Oh I’m in love with your photography! So much color and light :) Thanks for the recipe too – I’ll be giving it a try… if I don’t try to lick my face off first!

  10. ks3nia says:

    Wonderful idea! I love the lemon+honey combo, and have it on my shelf, but making it yourself is very clever :-D

  11. Amber Clare says:

    I’m a massive fan of homemade masks.

    Manuka Honey is my first point of action for skin in need of a little care.

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  13. Runnergirl07 says:

    Thanks for the recipe! It works wonderfully, I got noticeable results after I washed my face. :) just a tip though: if you have sensitive skin, it might sting for a bit but it goes away. :)

  14. seni says:

    its summer so my skin is getting darker because of the beach and pool, its ok to still put it?

    • Irene says:

      I don’t think this remedy is for whitening but you could sure try the mask as it could be a moisturizing mask to keep your skin hydrate from the heat and lemon is a natural vitamin C which could help with whitening.

  15. Maryhadalittlelamb says:

    Over the counter face washes and masks make my face break out worse all the time but ever since I’ve been doing homemade things like this my face feels great! I’m doing boxing and this mask works wonders!

    It doesn’t taste half bad either…😏

  16. Taylor says:

    I have this mask on right now. I don’t know the results yet, but I’m already in love! It smells AMAZING, and the cinnamon+lemon combo create a warm tingle that’s almost comforting :) just hope it works on my recent birthday cake induced breakout!
    (I used lime instead of lemon, as I’m in Mexico, where lemons are rarely sold. Does the same thing)

  17. Jurnee says:

    I have a question . What if the paste comes out liquidy ? Is it still usable ?

  18. Sabrina says:

    This mask burnt my skin. It literally looks lile sunburn.

    • Irene says:

      Sensitive skin might get a little tingly at first but it would go away. If it stings and turn very red, please stop using it. It might be an allergic reaction.

  19. keila says:

    I just finished applying this mask , and my skin began to sting after 30 sec or so . I had to take it off

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  21. Brielle says:

    One of the most proven recipe. Honey and lemon are one of the best home made remedy best for skin care and for acne-prone skin.

  22. Good recipe, natural remedies first :)
    More acne recipes here in this free ebook

  23. phelllyfel says:

    Reblogged this on serendipityescape and commented:
    worked like magic!

  24. Lara H says:

    I can’t wait to try this with my 18 year old. He is autistic and has had bad acne since he was about 12. all of the chemicals they put in commercials acne products I don’t think are safe so this is a great option.

    thank you,

  25. Claudia says:

    I just applied it and it really stings. My face seems to be on fire. Has anyone else experiences something like that? If not, I might be having an allergic reaction to it.

  26. Yashy says:

    Hi there , I recently started a new medication called visanne , it’s a treatment for endometroisis .throughout my life including teens I was blessed never to have a pimple but now I break out often.
    After reading the above ,i decided to use it and it worked great I can see that the acne is slowly fading and not so red I’m so amazed after two uses .thank you very much
    I hope I knew this a few months ago :-) happy dance

  27. Lisa Cole says:

    Have it on right now. I can feel it tingling where I have each zit. It feels a bit weird because I have never used a Facial mask lol. Does smell good though!

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  29. Amazing.. I had a great reading time.. Just as honey, cinnamon also has high level of anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties. Besides I prefer to use antibacterial soaps like Defense Soap that helps to reduce the chances of skin infection.

  30. Mia Gordon says:

    I’m the author of the Complete Acne Book and like the recipes on this page. You can also add turmeric powder for an extra healing and antibacterial boost. Try adding a little Carrot seed oil seed oil for acne scarring – helps to repair acne scars.

  31. Paige says:

    I’ve been looking for a good face mask for quite a while; many of them have made my skin irritant, dry and painful.I have this one on now, and so far so good.
    I once tried a face mask composed of mostly lemon juice and cinnamon, and it burned my skin tremendously after only a few seconds of contact. I learned then that cinnamon and lemon juice react greatly to each other. So, when I made this face mask, I used a little bit more honey (known as the Queen of Acne Fighting) and a little less of the lemon juice.
    I was careful when applying, and I have now had it on for five minutes without any burning occurring.
    I’ve had a lot of bad breakouts lately, and I really hope this helps to clear them up.
    Thanks for the recipe, and you have some excellent photography skills!

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