Blogging Community: Thank You

Holy macaroni!


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I would like to extend my warm thank you to Felicia at Cooking Up a Storm, Dish by Dish, Danny at gotasté, Cathie at The Cathie Barash Blog, A at Dressed in My Closet, Veena at Vina’s Delicious Recipes!, and Chef Doru for the nominations of their well-deserved awards.

I have been blogging for about 3 months now (but seem just like yesterday). No doubt, it has been an incredible adventure. Being a part of this beautiful blogging community opens my eyes to a whole new world of inspiration, talent, and incredibly ahhhhh-mazing people.

Doing what I like is freedom. Liking what I do is happiness. And I am happiiiiii. Happy to have come across you and exchange stories of our own. I wish to continue this incredible adventure, with you, you beside me. Yes, you, who is reading this. Because you are the one and only lovely beautiful REALITY (real, energizing, amazing, lovely, inspiring, touching, yippee) super sweet person of the year! You are well-deserved of the awards. Don’t be humble. Go ahead. Show and tell on your blog!

I will be right here waiting for you to take you on a short adventure about me. I am a visual person (quite obvious, isn’t it?) so it’s better done in pictures, of course.

This is me when I was a toddler
Little Me
This is me when I was in high school (left)
short hair me

I am born a lefty but write with my right hand.

I like to play with food in any form and shape.
love to play with food

I have OCD. We hiked the same road and distance but my foot is as clean as I just come out of a shower.

The longest I’d been without shower was 3 days on a 4 day/3 night hike conquering Machu Picchu
4 days 3 nights to machu picchu

The worst food poisoning I had was from eating medium rare chorizo

I love snow but not snowshoeing.
love the snow but not snowshoeing

Best souvenir ever bought on a trip.
mummies not quite

I used horse as transportation once or twice.
horse riding is painful

Bird poo is my biggest nightmare.
doom to bird poo
doom to bird poo 2

Always the first one up but always the last one down.
always the last one down

I flew off a bike which resulted a scar for life
flew off bike scar

But got right back on the very next day
got right back on

Amsterdam is the wildest city I’ve visited thus far.
amsterdam is the coolest city

I believe I can fly.
shooted from the mountain

But I can’t swim and love the water.
no sea sick

I held Pisa Tower upright…once.
held pisa tower upright

I am born not to be a ballerina
cannot do a split in the air

I am a Tough Mudder finisher
a tough mudder finisher

Running is rocking my life.

rock on

Maldives is where my heaven lies.

Peace out!

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19 Responses to Blogging Community: Thank You

  1. My French Heaven says:

    Congratulations darling!! Well deserved! Canon photographers are the best:0)

  2. Hello Irene!! Congratulations on your award and thanks for sharing your life with us! Love the fact that I now know so much more from this one post, and I really like your new layout!

    🙂 Have an incredible weekend with W and share your tales with us!


    • Irene says:

      Hi Felicia!

      Thank YOU for the nomination. I hope I didn’t scare you away with some new quirky facts of me 🙂

      It rained all weekend but still great. We celebrated my dad’s birthday and I went shopping for some Christmas decorations. W and I try to put together the decor to make the house feel a little more like Christmas 🙂

      How was your weekend?


  3. have nominated you Congratulations!
    Please I hope you”ll enjoy Have a look on my post!!!

    • Irene says:

      Hi Anto! Thank you so much for the nomination. I am flattered to receive such recognition from you. I will keep up to continue to blog more yummy food and others. You are well deserved of all these awards and much more. I am happy to come across you and your blog. You are a beautiful lady inside and out. Congratulations!

  4. gotasté says:

    Congratulations on your numerous awards! You deserve more. Just to let you know I am born lefty too. I do everything using my left hand except when I eat with fork and spoon. Hee 🙂

    keep smiling!

    • Irene says:

      Lefties rule!!! I bet your were forced with a bamboo stick to eat with your right hand? 🙂

      • gotasté says:

        Yay! My mum tried ‘correcting’ me for a while then she gave up. haha! Now that I am in the media industry, being a lefty actually adds good impression. People believe we are more creative by using our right brain. 🙂

  5. Leah says:

    Congratulations on all your awards – completely deserved! 🙂 I love that you shared so many pictures and some many fun facts about yourself!

  6. This post was fun. It inspired me to do something like this some day!


  7. Sherbiny says:

    Congratulations Irene 🙂

  8. jav3d says:

    You are Awesome, Irene!
    Gald to have discovered you : )

  9. Wow! Congratulations on all your awards Irene! 🙂

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