Romantic French dinner

It’s Friday. It’s FRIDAY! It’s a WONDERFUL friday! I love friday, the fact that Saturday and Sunday are to follow and usually it’s my weekend away from the kitchen. Muahahahaha~~~  I like today’s Friday, the fact that I don’t need to cook, the fact that I have a day off from cooking. But I am happy to prepare dinner for my husband and me. I saw a friend’s post of a picture of the French Riviera this morning on Facebook. I flipped through some pictures of us in Nice a couple years ago and remembered how relaxing and fun and beautiful it was. I wish I could go back right now. Yes, RIGHT now! Of course, that’s not possible. How’s that possible?! Well, unless I win some grand prize or the lottery tonight. Forget that! The chance is so slim with my TYPE of luck. So, why wait? I could recreate this at home. Yes, at home on the porch. Right here, right NOW! All you need is some french bread, cheese, cold cuts and wine with salad and corn on the side. Vuella!!! Not to mention to put on some frenchy jazz on Pandora. We are ready to enjoy a French night on the porch. It’s relaxing. It’s romantic. It’s EVERYTHING you can get in the French Riviera. That’s the inspiration.

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